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December 4, 1980     The Malakoff News
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December 4, 1980

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I I season to be jolly, but you sit at your desk contemplating of Ebenezer Scrooge. It's a up appropriate business still remain within your muse fails to inspire from the V.O. Good you bring holiday year-round good will--to secretaries and office assistants person who manages to your Sanskrit scrawl into I a top priority. The simplest the question, "What to to choose a gift that matches ,'s interests--tennis, concerts, or disco dan- a present that's really your assistant just new apartment and could use an instant coffee maker or an inex- pensive framed poster of a favorite concert or art exhibit. Here are a few more suggestions to get you thinking: *A "status" ballpoint or fountain pen. .A gift certificate for a new pair of jogging shoes (at a local sports or pro shop) *Admission tickets to a local roller disco rink. .Subscription to a special interest magazine (e.g., gourmet, travel, spor- ts, etc.). ,Tapes or record albums of your secretary's favorite group, rock star, composer, etc. ,Battery-operated wool socks that keep the feet of the most avid skier warm (found at a ski shop or sporting goods store). In addition, consider inviting your secretary out for a holiday lunch. This will give you the chance to relax outside the office, while providing your assistant with the time to talk about his no its early years, eggnog Iknown by many other names: posset, syllabub, milk one yard of flannel and auld Instructions for making it in diaries and travel notes. ale or sack, a dry wine, are saucepan; heat only to the boiling point. Add softened gelatin; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from heat. Add remaining 1 1/4 cups eggnog. Pour 1 cup eggnog mixture into heavy saucepan. Pour remaining eggnog mix- ture in a bowl; cover and refrigerate ingredients, until partially set, about 50 minutes. finale to a sumptuous Add chocolate to eggnog in pan; stir Eggnog Chiffon Pie and heat until well blended. Pour into a ~t airy yet sweet touch with to top off a meal. can be made with several regular pie crust with part mixture flavored with black-bottom-style, crust of graham cracker or COokie crumbs. Traditional include rum and bran- bowl and chill until partially set, about 40 minutes. When chocolate mixture is nearly set, beat until smooth. Spread in bottom of pie shell, refrigerate until set. Whip cream until stiff. Fold into plain eggnog mixture. Turn into pie sheel on top of chocolate mixture. Allow to set, then cover and chill 4 hours or peer- night. Serve garnished with whipped or her goals and interests. It's a great morale booster that can strengthen your working relationship. Cost-conscious gifts for clients and colleagues The "who-to-give-what-for-how- much?" question puzzles even established executives. Check your company's policy on client gifts (e.g., whether a gift is to come from you or the company; if it's reimbursable, etc.). Also check the grapevine to see if gift-giving other than to your secretary is the norm. Traditional gifts are a safe bet for the office and for clients. Another alternative is a gift basket filled with fruits, cheeses, nuts and jellies. Gourmet and specialty stores send these anywhere in the country and the cost of a modest selection is about $15. Enclose a handwritten note to per- sonalize this gift. Or, consider the wafer-thin calculators that are currently in vogue. dissolved. Remove from heat. Add remaining 1 1/4 cups eggnog. Pour into a medium-size bowl; place plastic wrap on surface to prevent a skin from for- ming. Refrigerate until partially set, about 45 minutes. Whip cream until stiff. Fold into gelatin mixture. Turn in- to pie shell. Allow to set, then cover and chill 4 hours or overnight. Garnish with additional whipped cream, if desired. VARIATIONS: Coffee. Add 1 teaspoon instant coffee to eggnog mixture before heating. Peppermint. Omit rum and brandy; use l/z cup water to soften gelatin. Stir % cup finely crushed peppermint candy and 10 drops red food color into eggnog mixture before heating. Garnish with crushed peppermint candy, if desired. It's a practical gift and some models sell for just under $10. Look around for sales in camera and department stores. When you can, add a little thought or a spark of humor: *Windbreaker with a snazzy sports car logo for the staffer who dreams of entering the Indy 500. *Gift certificate to a local health club or spa--for a day's workout. *A caricature--snap a candid "mug" shot and give it to a caricaturist (one can usually be found in shopping malls, fairs and department or art stores). *An hour's time at your racquet club. A silent killer stalks one out of every seven Americans. You can't see it. You can't feel it. And it doesn!t even hurt -- until it's too late. The killer is hypertension -- or high blood pressure -- and half of the people who have it don't even know it. Of cour- se, we all have blood pressure. Other- wise, the blood wouldn't circulate in our bodies. Blood pressure is simply the force exerted by your flowing blood against the walls of the arteries (blood vessels) that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body. The pumping action of the heart creates the force. Everytime the heart beats, the pressure increases; when the heart relaxes between beats, the pressure goes down. "The average normal blood pressure reading for an adult between the ages of 18 and 45 is 120 over 80," according to Dr. Louis W. conradt, medical director of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. "The readings refer to the systolic or 'upper' and diastolic or 'lower' pressures in millimeters of mercury -- how high the blood flow tn an artery can push a column of mercury in a glass A pound of exotic coffee beans for the caffeine fan (found in the gourmet section of department stores or super- markets). A monogrammed business card folder. Don't overlook one excellent resour- ce-your own hobbies. If you're a talen- ted photographer, artist or petter, a gift you've created is very special indeed and is bound to flatter the recipient. A couple of career tips Here's one important note of caution: Stifle the desire to run out and buy gifts measures the force of the blood against the artery walls during the heart's con- tractions (systolic) and when the heart is at rest between contractions (diastolic)." An occasional blood pressure reading higher than the normal 120/80 may not be anything to worry about. It's when the pressure goes up to 140/90 and remains at that level or higher that medical attention is needed, Dr. Conradt said. When blood pressure levels remain high over a period of time, the constant insidious impact of hypertension -- even when slight -- takes its toll in several ways. High blood pressure can make your heart pump harder than normal and the arteries become less elastic. After a while, the heart may get larger, then weaken and stop pumping effectively. This alone kills about 50,000 Americans each year, according to the National Institute of Health. Hypertension can also speed up the progression of atherosclerosis, a kind of hardening of the arteries in which the inner layer of artery walls thicken and deposits of fatty substances are formed. Atherosc,zrosis is involved for the head honchos you'd like to im- press. Unless you deal directly with them, your gesture may be misinter- preted as presumptuous. Instead, send a card and sign your name (add a personal note if ap- propriate); chances are you'll be remembered--and perhaps thanked--for your holiday good wishes. Remember, too, your gift doesn't have to be expensive. It is thought- fulness that warms the spirits of business associates and stimulates good will that will linger throughout the year. Finally, the constrictions of the blood vessels caused by high blood pressure may eventually cause blindness, when tiny vessels hemorrhage. Damaged vessels may also prevent the kidneys from perfozming their task of clearing wastes from the blood stream. Blood vessels in the brain are also at risk from hypertension and strokes can result. The most important thing you can do for yourself is have your blood pressure taken at least once a year, every six months if you're in a high-risk group or over 50. A blood pressure check is quick, easy, painless and inexpensive. Knowledge is your best ally. If you find you do have high blood pressure, do the following things: 1. Listen to your doctor and do what he recommends. 2. If he gives you medicine, take it and don't quit taking it even if you feel well. 3. Maintain your normal weight. 4. Eliminate salt from your diet, and limit your intake of fats. 5. Get moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk daily. Be sure you cheek cream and chocolate curls, tube. When your doctor takes the blood in coronary heart attacks, the nation's with your doctor when planning any whatever the pie, ~u ~t~/~r~rweMo~rei~)~u%da! pressure reading of y~ur~~ ~:!i iS!~i i ~i*'~ iiil pper arm, henumber one killer, exercise program. creamy dairy eggnog, EGGNOG CHIFFON PIE !i~i "i'i" whipped cream form the Yield: one g-inch pie "i'i'iiiii'iii'ii i ~.....,,...,,:,:.:.:,.......,:,:.........:................... .......,., ,,,,., ,..,........,.,.,...,.,,...,,.,..,,.., ,,.,..,.,,...... ~....,...,,.,:,:.:., . ***************************************************** ,',% %',',%% ,,%', ************************************** ',%,,%%,.,.,, ,.%,,,,,.,,,,%,... s fool-proof dessert should Cookie Crust: ~e day before to allow 1 1/3 cups crushed graham crackers [ling for easy slicing, with sugar and cinnamon topping ;-BOTTOM EGGNOG OR chocolate cookie crumbs n " ' " CHIFFON PIE 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter, melted eld: one 9-inch pie FillingI ~i~ Ca 489.0531 !iii!ii [bak i pie shell, 94nch 3 tablespoons water -" ' ". .... FILLING 2 tablespoons rum !espoons water 2 tablespoons brandy Card of Thanks 3 Mobile Homes 6 For Sale Miscellaneous 9 Services 16 mspoonsrum 1 1/2 envelopes unflavored gelatin CARD OF THANKS ~ FOR SALE: I Dinette Table and 1 1 iespoons brandy 2 1/2 cups dairy eggnog Mr. and Mrs. 6.E. Hollimon wont to i _ _ _ Choirs $50.00" ! Double Bed $25 OO. I? ......... l 'elopes unflavored gelatin 1/4 cupsugar thank their many frier~l- for the II [~'ll)l~[]l ~P=\ |J [] 2 cortes Tobies: $500 ~ch;' I' 1 I~l~V i[~V ldairy eggnog 1/4 teaspoonsaR hot~ewQrmmgatttmlrn~home. I[ ~lIN~ll~41di,~~_ [1 Bumper Pool Table, $35.00: I Comer 1 II[Irtll/ iirt/ 'SUgar 1 cup whipping cream ..................................... II /~ ............... II Table. $10.00; 3 Rugs 9x12 each. l A~mm..meA.~ Real Estate For Sale 4 $25.00; 2 Lamps, $5.00 each. Call 489. 'Poonsalt Preheat oven to 350 degrees. For ~ II !1 I t;U:>MI ILL;, I olateLares (2 oz.)semi-sweet crust, combine crumbs and butter. ~ II JI o~uo~, / I Press onto bottom and sides of 9-inch MT-OC~OAR C?[~K ~-[121 EL-E~T~-RiC'-F~6id0re~sher, GE d~e;, ~Whippingcream pie plate. Bake 5 minutes. Cool. For Mmomm-atlLl|ffalmmmntnt. dlulntwl m ................. m os,o . o as,ona ho,rs. a*, I iZillia ipPedcream, ifdesired filling, mixwater, rum and brandy in a [] "' II good condition, lfinterestedcol1489. ~,olate curls, if desired small bowl. Sprinkle gelatin on mixture ~ i-i ....... [ [ : = 0879 | ", combine water, rumand tosoften. Combine l l/4 cups eggnog, ~~pk~ I~ 14e9, a Small bowl. Sprinkle gelatin sugar and salt in a small saucepan. to soften. Combine 1 1/4Heat just to the boiling point. Add sof- [ il, i t sugar and salt in a small tened gelatin; stir until gelatin is III1 ; ;I sing- , ........ II ....... ......... ,% ........ [] V .................. rr( CONTRACT fence Building. 389-2875 ~ af!erSp'mondbeioregm' 3 BR.-I Bath-Cedar cl0se-in GUN REPAIR, robluingr nickel Ood COMPLETELY customized Cushman $20,000. 2 BEDROOM Mobile Home for rent, gold plating, Blue Mallard Gun Shop golf ,cart, Must see to appreciate. Call 489-0045. MI~W I~IMI~.';I hr 2 hath w th CH/Air, fully furnished, 811 N. Dan Royall Jr. at 489-0520 and after .............. ,....;,,,v,... ,., ,.,,~ .. ,~..., -.-- MOrt n, 489.0424 Utilities poid excop~ .r.a .ao ~, ~ IIIIIIII/ all me ex[ras. 0e sn0wnele -ici ,. ................. m PAINTING I anytime. ----L-- .................... 7 I -i ..... " I aS oe - UUlSlae 3 eRA bath 0, large 10t 0n Mar- Automotive 7 . Malakoff Plastercraft ] I REASONABLEI tin Street, Malak0ff. '~0 MODEL Chev, Picku~ for sole. iPlinlod and un,int0d plast0r ,total I.,v,c, ,,,.I J 1~TR RRF_~ with hid hnw~m Rebuilt engine, new ClUtCh, 1~ ][Silk and dried flower Irr|npmtnt& |111 I Free Estimates- Fred Rogers I ....................... McEntiro, T/e.20q7 Trinidad, isizN. X 1 469-3640 (Murchis0n) I 3 BR..2 bath on 2 acres with ................ : ........................... . ~ .'. EXCELLENT BUY: 1/76 Chevrolet |Ht~. 11 INt OINn 9:00-$:001 0arn ana worKsIlop Im f r r polo, OU don. cruise, A~V~-FM ~ 10yceCMllway ~ ' _ .......... 3BR..lbathframeint0wn, radio/tape, goodorKlition, 489-1100,ll~O~O~ 1 MADV gAY I r r n 0r489.1176 BEAUTIFUL dark brown mouton fur Illrtlt I nn I I 4 HOMES left ,n Sta Harb0,0 e .... : ..................... jacket, see to appreciate, new lining. I .......... I nlrl 1967 FORD pickup, good tires and $40,00. Call or leave messoge at 489. PncIII TIP I ..... excellentonditlon. 489-1188or1315 05~I.t,'15:00. I ,,uo/,,.~,,,,o I rT1 Geo Oulnn E'RY'-allBlv--dL-R C-lrk' .................................... ....""m"-. sALe:wo , Garage Sale 10 I ,,_?:"2_t':,__ I OFFICE "NIGHT GARAGE SALE: Saturday, December gO[~1 1"661}165 l 489 11120 489 nS4 For Sale Miscellaneous 9 O mr h gh o, _. ..... e " ~ the corner Ot Pine and Olive //903. I "1 "7 g q",11 1 I~ l I Ken Ferris- 489-1699 roe SALE: One 9uitar - model 644 Good childrens clothes, some ~m ,f _'! I _'1 I Jades.flat top standard, $100. Call household items and other things to m ~ me. ~ i ~, ' Ge0rge Quinn - 489-1820 489-O6~Y30~ler noo~. be !d: P-F --ne 4-89-: ! ....................... . l Trinidad I PAY ['QU{TY and assume payments raised white-letter, General tires; Work Wanted 13 ~m~mm I on one lot on Lakewoy Harbor, one brand new, other two about Pa,,t,ne Lok.. Roy C,o . m,os: a, the. Pets and Kennels 18 Mahakoff two 6-p|y Bridgestone 600 14-inch nlght~ occasional weekends. Hot ~'-'--':'~-, ................................... whltewol/tires. $80 for both. Con Io~ lund~s afternoon sn~-ks Bt~t.l: puppies tar sam ............ seen at t04 Withrow St. in Molokoff 'L ........ ,,,~-~,:' trained Beagles 1325 McEntire 778- k1.~ .... "I~uKuUM DrlcK, 489.02"37, reasonaoe rams, rmer ......... 2097 Trinidad. ' Terry, ~lakoff, . , ........ NHHlcrest Circle, Malakoff. [ IIII I Illll I I I NI YOUr nearest Frillidaire dealer. J Business Opportunities 14 BMO.B.I.LE. HOME AND _L_OTI l a0zt rand calm ,vsilmbl,. I OWN YOUR own Jean op.. go dire(l ~ ~~'".:'/.:f' Ii . owne,"i I Z.n,t ot0r TV'= sUmq at I " no man, no o,esr o's ee, ; ..... r.... ......... | 1.49" ( Offering all the notionally known ~]i'~. ~- OliCrPll, rul,, brands such as Jordoche, Vonderbilt, ~ and big e~rl'ise pen.~\ l II l Phillil~ApplianceCsnte, I Calvin Klein. Se~jelield, levi and ~ CAL|,489-1,IH Z l ., ov. ,o oth., b,on,, $,,.=0o includes beginning inventory, air'fore ........................ :~" m ,.u==, II I ,o,, ,o o., no,,ono warehouse, A riculture Business 20 I ~oo--w,,, 1 JEANS FOR SALE: Two pair boys' training, fixtures and Grond Opening ,--,a ........... Wrangler jeans. Size 12 slim. Worn Promotions, Call Mr. Wilkerson at WANTED: Posture land ~o le~se 489 ' one time since Morn bought the MademoiselleFoshionsS01-329-8326. 1656, I e::r:;~o::ilz::Vlngs ~ ,.., ,.,,,. ,., ,.n,.._. __.. .. ...... ::::::::::::::::::::::::s M dC I _ .......... | E " 'tyS | I REG. SALE YOU REG. SALE YOU North Terry Street, ~zlokoff. A('ter$ I ~||~J~.~IIR| I nlow' __I., a_va~e I s,w p.m. Ca,, I I I 1 843 09.38 57.22 32 e cRz8449a.42 eZ.13 31.29 I Hi iiHJIIEHI' .Z I I Z OLe. ,NG, S CO OS ................................ I I 185-14 100.35 64.04 36.31, ............ I ........ I"i ....................................... $",,o ." I 195.14 106.06 66.94 38.12 ER78.14105.06 71.66 33.40 I 205.14 107.41 68.24 3g.17 I FR78.14107.41 73.2534.16 R3R RENT: 2 bodroom frame on Main i . i i FELT'3~LB`~R~5L~B~~............`......`...........~...~...............`.`.`.`.`....`..~``.$7 i I 215-14 116.03 73.58 42.45 FR70-14107.41 73.25 34.16 St. Deposit required. Coil ,189.0738 I ~ ~ ~ ,..goriest i m HARDBOAIIOSIDING, 4'Xg'PRIMERED ......................... $9510 II 205-15 11682 74.15 42.671 GR70-14116.03 79.14 36.89 SUn MIz'~4~LI~ EXr'HANGE $62.23 21515 12115276.98 44.54 HR78.14122958385 39 10 St. Deposit required. C.oll 4894)930 |[/~i"~,~ ~ ~m(=thina | 1 1Vz MILES EAST OF SEVEN . a,,tet i ......... 225-15t27.7g 81.1746.62 GR78.15116.82 79.6837.14 FOR RENT: 2 bedroom frome oo Main I ~~\ sell l PLYWOOD ................. 3/8",,$6.50,1/2".,$7,50,5/8",$10,3/4"$12 i 155"12XZX 230"15 144.4891.54 52.94 GR70-15116.82 79.68 37.14 I" ~.:..-~.."_'_:.-'__~ "lIterS' ]~{~'~ ~'DI]'I "v'u";;"e Innl,,c;.,,., I II POINTSON HIGHWAY85 MON.-FRI. 8-5:30; SUN, 9-I; SAT. S-4.q3L LLq3 II Blackwall 235-15 148.9294.26 54.66 HR78-15121.82 82.88 38.64 s, 3, , j e,.,,6 4o. 3 i--NOWLEA$1NG--, II [Z'r P'I ".;;';:'" I :::::::::::::::::::::::: , :a's Choice For Tire Value! FET: $2.19"3.40 Plus Trade.In : Townview Apts. : ]-- Affenti0n Hunters and Trappers --- mml mi I Mmlakoff-LeeThompmn, mF. ! I mm, Iz II11 Sllook's the only way to go. ,',",~ VIS,4" I Callda/mnilht I I :'_':7"=I FurBuylr, 10hnF. Shaddix will be in Mslak0ff at Malak0ff P il IJl II ,,, s ........ i: .... ................... 1 ,4119-00, Unfurnished l l Call 4"-0"], l Dairy QuNn on parkinlll0tatHw,.31WesteachTuesda, fr0m i " ............ "" - - 6:45 till 7:15 beginninl December 9th. m i ' i,z .................., ........... .......... We buy Ften and dff furs of all kinds. Case skin all fur (like F / I 1 1 ----" II p, lint~r*nc* e*mm ~ ~Oic~'#, qu*,Im*m m od , : ", e i i ; opossum), rot open up middle. We also buy deer hid. and rat- Pricos Good Thru Don. 6, 1980 tlesnake skins. Wall handled furs bring TOP PRICES. 405 E. Tyler 675-5712 * Manager: Sonny G00de D&WFURCOMPANY, INC. 400 N. Texana Haiietsville, Tx, 77964 ........ (512) 798-5057