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December 5, 2001     The Malakoff News
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December 5, 2001

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: I! dM[ lllWnuJuu JJ PAGE 4A - The Malakoff News - Wednesday, December 5, 2001 Community This column today isn't much of a roundup, in fact if I had a real life cattle roundup and couldn't do better than this, I'd probably have to stop trying to be a cowboy. So maybe I ought to try to find some other hobby, instead of playing like a newspaper corre- spondent. But I payed . eighteen dollars for this horse, oh I mean typewriter, and I can't afford to stop trying to learn how to use it. If I can be- come really close Reppond's Roundup blow in and they would freeze before they would dry. I would have to carefully take them off the line, being careful not to bend and break them, and bring them in the house to thaw and then to lay over the furni- ture to dry. And they call those the Good Old Days! Dah Humbug! If you will keep on reading I will Mary Reppond pie, all southern style. In those biscuits she put a big handful of chopped pecans. So I decided to try it myself. Instead of com- pletely by scratch as she had done, I used a biscuit mix. I used sour cream, a little sweet milk to thin it down some and a tablespoon of sugar and mixed it up an then I threw in about a half a cup of chopped pecans. I patted the dough out after knead- ing it a few times and cut into eventually havejust biscuits. I had a half stick of a little bit of news - margarine melted in a bowl so I not a lot, but some. dipped each biscuit i n the bowl, But first I want to tuming itoverandplacingthem talk about Hickory on a cookie sheet and baked friends with this machine, per- nuts. Now, Clara Jo said she haps it will come up with some- guessed she would have to di- thing on it's own to help me out vide hers with me, but she won't in a case like today! Now, do you this time. I remembered that my know just exactly what I said? I stepdaughter and her husband think the machine has already taken over! We finally had a few days of truly winter like weather. There is a little ice on the limbs and wires. My clothesline looks like three strands of crystal beads. It reminds me of when I was young and had two little children. We didn't yet have a washer and dryer. I washed the way most country people did -- on a rub board and hung the clothes on a line to dry. That meant winter time as well as the warm days of summer. And if you are one of the older readers who have children, you can remember that disposable diapers had not been yet invented. That meant cloth diapers - day after day, that had to be washed and dried. I would wash and hang them on the line in the winter and a norther would (Gary and Billie Garner) had some hickory trees in their yard, so af- ter church was out Sunday, I drove on up to their house and picked up about a gallon. The next day I cracked some and started picking them out. After about an hour I had about 2 tablespoons of nut meats. If I was being paid for my time I would be wealthy by the time I had a cup full. But while I pick, I watch, or listen, to the TV. That is probably what I would be doing ifI didn't have the nuts to pick. I will eventually have enough to cook a cake or something. Another thing I have been do- ing during this cold, shut in spell (besides going nutty) is cooking. While I was watching TV one day I saw this lady on the Julia Child's show making biscuits, fried chicken and sweet potato them until golden brown. I will tell you, those were the best bis- cuits I can remember ever eat- ing. So, if you want to try some- thing new and different, try those. Okay, now what news I have. I haven't been to the center in the last two Wednesdays, so I don't hear much. But Melba DeShazo called me last night to tell me that Bill had recently given her a scare. Last Monday he just passed out, after telling her that he was a goner. His heart had stopped beating. She got him to the emergency room and they discovered that his Pace Maker had stopped working. They got him all fixed up and now he is back home again, doing well. Melba and I had a nice long visit on the phone. I appreciate her calling me so I can let everyone know about Bill. I hope he con- tinues to do well. Dorothy Whiteside is spend- ing the weekend with her daugh- Sm00er Crossword m m F i m ter, Ann, in College Station. Ann works and lives in Tyler, right now but her son Jason is living in her permanent home. I hope they have a fun weekend. I spoke with Faye Precopia last night. They spent four or five days in Grand Prairie look- ing for a house, but no luck. They are both getting tired of packing and getting ready to move. Good luck to both of you, I hope you find what you are looking for. I talked to John Alderman a few minutes this morning. His arm that he burned a couple of weeks ago is still causing him pain. I also talked to Dorothy Barlow, and she and AI are fine; just staying in staying warm. But on the 13th of December they will be playing in Palestine again, so keep this in mind and go if you can. I also spoke to Gladys Bow- man this morning to sign up for next Wednesday at the center. She said there were a few that came this Wednesday despite the weather. Johnny Rhoades is going to tone of her daughters tomorrow if the weather doesn't turn worse. Then on the 8th of De- cember all of her children will come to her house for Christ- mas. They all had other families to visit at the real Christmas, so they decided on the 8th. Good idea! Well I've done it again! I had nothing to write about and I have rambled until I now have two pages, so I will stop, close this wonderful machine up, and ell it so long until next time. Have safe week and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Such lovely weather. We went from fall to winter over- night. Last week we had to wash ice from windshield. Last week we said Dave Trammell was so Cross Roads sick and he died News Notes Monday after- : i:,,:,,:!:.., ..- ,,: .-: noon, in Athens. His wife Jewell was a sister to the late Willie Matthews, they were part cross Roads people. He Clara Jo Davis was the fourth Trammell to die in a little over a year. They were all first cousins. Mildred Trammell formerly of Shady Oaks, now living in Crandell, was visiting friends and relatives. She visited brother-in-law, Burnell Trammell of Green Oaks in Athens, and sister-in-law Joyce Trammell of Cross Roads. She came down to Athens to be at Frankie Huggin's Frankie had a get together of the ex-vassarette ladies. We met at her house on the Jacksonville highway and had 29 ladies. Her two daughters catered the meal or fixed it and it was so nice. Some had for- gotten names. They worked at different times. One lady Margaret Cain was the young- est at 59. The rest were in their 70's and 80's. Some hadn't changed too much. All seemed to have had surgery or some aches and pain but we are getting older. Dr. Joe Ed Smith, surgical doctor of Athens, has retired Trinidad Fire-. ContinUedJ00om page 1A flames leapt out." John clam- They brought a plastic bag full bered down to the yard.. Not long after, there was a loud roar from inside the living room, dominated by the fireplace. "Right then I knew in my heart it was gone", Cyndy says, Flames were soon pouring from the windows on either side of the fireplace. When volunteer Trinidad firemen arrived there was little they could do but cool it down a little and try to keep it from spreading to nearby houses With dawn came the harsh reality. "We lost it all", says Wes Tumage. "Everything," says his wife. "Most of it can be re- placed." she adds. But some can not. "John's birth certificate.. baby pictures .... my father's Purple Heart. All gone." As she tells her story, sitting on the elevated deck of a neighbor's house, her face re- flects the conflicting emotions of a survivor. She ticks them off: like a painful catechism: "frustration... anger.., sadness and thankfulness...We're out and alive,." She looks a little weepy as she tells of the unex- pected kindness of neighbors. "So many people have come out of the woodwork", she says. "Some kids down the street broke into their piggy banks. of change to us." Their nearest neighbors, who were going to be leaving town later, pushed their plans ahead and invited the family to move into their house. That's where the News found them this weekend. She has learned something about her son also, something good, says Cyndy. "He's more concerned about me than him- self," she says proudly. "I haven't heard a word of com- plaint from him. I can't believe the strength he's showing." John, a freshman at Malakoff Ftigh School where his mother teaches physics, had a surprise visit from his, baseball team- mates. They brought a trunk full of clothing for John "And not cast offs," his mother remarks, "The good stuff from their clos- ets, Tommy Hilfiger and all the rest." The note that accompa- nied the clothing said "From your baseball brothers". This for a freshman, the new kid on the block. The family's home, an attrac- tive brick structure now look- ing like a war casualty, was fully covered by insurance. They plan to rent a travel trailer and live on their property while the house is being rebuilt. But the real reconstruction has already after 35 years. He has been a good doctor and did two sur- geries on me. Congratulations to him and his wife Mary Ann Smith, she retired too. Mr. C. M. Gilmore, 102, of Malakoff that fell and broke his hip is doing well and his doctor said because he was so active (Played golf a lot) his body is healing well. The Cross Roads United Methodist church will have their Christmas party this Friday night December 7th at 6:30 bring a gift of about $5.00 and Christmas food. On December 16th at 6:00 p.m. the Cross Roads Baptist Church will have a Christmas Cantata with Christmas dinner served that night. Roberta Davis spent some time in Houston taking care of three grandkids. Her son Clint Davis and his wife Jennifer were on a trip. Clint has been going to law school seems like a long time and he will take his Bar Exam in January. We say Congratulations to him and we hope he makes a good lawyer! James Arthus is in a Tyler hospital and his wife Jaquita is not feeling well either. Leo Kinabrew had foot sur- gery last week. Joan Robinson had foot surgery and is still hav- ing a lot of pain and has to use a walker. Ruby Dukes of Cross Roads doesn't feel good and doesn't know what is wrong. Be thankful and Thanks for reading. begun, inside, says Cyndy Turnage. "This is going to change's already changed me. I will never again be able to see somebody down on their luck and turn away. I'm going to find out how I can help, and do it." Many of her colleagues at the high school have offered as- sistance of all sorts. Superinten- dent Dan Rose says "She's an excellent teacher," and expects there will be a fund raising ef- fort on behalf of the family. "There have been so many people offering help. I don't know how to thank them all," says Mrs. Turnage. The cause of the fire remains a mystery. A fire inspector said the damage was so extensive it would probably be at least Tuesday before he could make a reasonable guess as to its ori- gins. The fireplace is the sus- pected culprit and indeed it looks like a bomb went off inside, spraying bricks all over the pre- mises. Cyndy says she agrees that's where the blaze started, but finds it puzzling. She had put outthe fire and hauled the still- fiery logs outside about 6 o'clock the evening before and sprayed them with a hose. They remained there still on Saturday, a pile of blackened reminders of the fire that wouldn't die. m m m mmsssm m See answers next week on page 7A!