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December 6, 1935     The Malakoff News
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December 6, 1935

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GREATER ns, Texas "[o DAY NEW GIANT HITI is .Amateur Night Saturday, Dec. 7 Night 10:45 Show And Sunday Matinee BLJC PlCZUa Monday and Tuesday December 9 10- UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY Lesson CHOOL By Rw.V. P. B. FITZWATER. D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. O Western News >aFar Union. Lesson for December 8 NEHEMIAH REBUILDING THE WALL OF JERUSALEM ]LESSON TEXT--Nehemiah 4:6-9,. 15-Zl. GOLDEN TEXT--The people had a mind to work. Nehemiah 4:6. PRIMARY TOPIC--When Friends Work Together. JUNIOR TOPiC---Team-Work. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC--Team-Work. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC -- Co-operation In Religious Work. i. Nehemiah's Mission to Jerusalem (Neh. 2). While performing his official duty as cupbearer to the Persian king, Ne- hemiah learned of the distress of his brethren at Jerusalem. The walls of! the city were broken down, Its gates burnt, and the remnant of the cap- fives were In great affliction and re-, preach. This news greatly moved Ms. He definitely asked God to give the king a favorable attitude toward his project. In answer to his prayer! he was granted a leave of absence from the Persian court and credentials from the king. He Journed t0 Jeru- salem and made a survey of the city by night without disclosing his pur- pose to anyone. Having thus obtained first-hand information, he called the representatives of the Jews together and said, "Let us build the walls of Jerusalem.~ II. Preparation for the Building (Neh. 3). The division of labor in this project displayed Nehemiah's administrative ability. A wise distribution of labor makes difficult tasks easy. Observe some outstanding features of his ad- ministrative work. L He laid stress upon indifference. In administrative tasks It is proper that unfaithfulness should be pointed out. Such action serves as.a warning to the unfaithful and encouragement to the faithful. 2. Help rendered by the women (v. 12). It Is a fine thing for the women to take lmld even In building a wall when there are no men to do It. 3. Stress laid upon earnestness of some (v. 20). Recognition of fidelity p, lll spur one on to faithful perform- ance of his task. I Salmon Come R;ght Up Why Don't You T to the Farmer's Doorl Yaklma, Wash.--Orchardists here' are too busy to go fishing; yet fish come right to their doors, apparently eage. for the frying pan. Salmon in the summer urge to as- cend streams to spawn have crowded small streams and some mistake the intakes of irrigation ditches for head- waters. John McKenney caugtlt three 15- ]pound salmon which were floundering In the water running under a peari tree. l' teit as a Speeder, Posts His Wife as Bail l Akron, Ohlo.--Arrested for speeding,! William T. Jackson, twenty-seven, was unable to post ball. He was in a quandary, as were police, until he con- ceived the Idea of leaving his attrac- tive wife at the station in lieu of the required cash bond. She remained un- til he was able to get $25. Man Uspa Way Into Charge of Robbery Atlanta, Ga,--Eddle Brown, ne- gro, lisped himself into trouble here. Placed In a police lineup as a rob- bery suspect, Eddie was viewed by Rev. W. H. Major, who had lost $35 and a watch to a dusky holdup man. Major peered at the suspect closely. "Make some talk," he com- manded, "Say scissors." "Thith- "yES, we're having a marshmallow toast, and look at this ertit," repIled Eddie. "That's the x big, fat, puffy one I just pulled out of the fire! Boy, I man," Major told police. "He l Just wish you could try one--because they're swell! It all hap-looks like him and he lisps like pened this way. This morning mom was working around the Ills." fireplace,'poliahlng the andirons and washing the hearth, etc. ! She had her can of cleanser (morn says she uses only the safe one which Is made with seismotite and doesn't scratch) there, too--and when I asked her ~'hy she was being so spick U.S. Biggest Coal Miner and span, she told me Just 'to wait.' So I did, and what did Tile United States produces 50 per she do but 'sprise me by asking in the whole bunch of fel- rent of the total coal resourcc.s of the lows for a marshmallow toast around the fireplace!" ,,-,..ld The Methodist Bulletin [By Thomas M. Price, Pastor] We are beginning the second month of our new conference year. I am very happy with our beginning. There is an old . tt 4. Every one built over against his sa ing. Well begun is half own house (vv. 10, 23, 28). There is done." That old saying isn't no incentive for exertion quite so strong as that which concerns a man's true in this case. We do have a own family, good start, but we still have most 5. Certain guilds of men undertook certain work (vv. 8, 3], 32). Wise ad- of the way to go Since Thanks- ministration sometimes calls for such giving is over, every one is look- Dec--berem 11 alignment of efforts. Men of the same ing forward to Christmas. The class and occupation usually work best spirit of Christ is giving[:-not re- Wednesday, together, i .111. Hindrances Encountered (4:1- calving. This year let us be in- Z SUt PlTT S 6.14LcoflingofSanballatandToblah terestedingiviog. This is the HtJ'GH (4:1-6;, eL 2:19, 20). The oppressors season in which we especially re- O'CONNFLI of God s servants frequently begin by member our orphans. In Waco hurling shafts of ridicule at them. in the Methodist home we. have ^u.,~o..~., 2. Conspiracy for a sudden attack (4:7-9). When the enemy saw the about four hundred orphans who work was actually succeeding, they: must receive enough this Christ- changed from ridicule tb an attempt to mas to live through the year a- throw the workmen Into a panic, head if they are to live at all. 3. Conspiracy with the Jews (4:10- 23), They sought, by means of the Make your plans to give these Jews from the outside, to ,'Iscourage boys and girls as much held as BUTTER-KIST BREAD 4ade in Henderson County Bob Johnson's I LECTRIC SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe and Harness Repair those on the Inside. 4. Greed and oppr4~/ ~f the rich (5:1-13). The Jewsof tha~'~ ~ke the prof- iteers of our day, ~ advantage of the poor and opposed them so that they mortgaged their land and even sold their daughters into slavery. 5. Scheme to take Nehemiah's life (6:1-14). When Sanballat and Toblah failed In every other way, they craftily sought to get Nehemiah away that they might kill him. IV. The Waft Completed (6:15-7:4). So energetically did they pursue their tasks that In fifty-two days the wall was completed. When their ene- mies saw that in spite of all their schemes the work was actually com. pleted, they were cast down, for they perceived that the work was of God. Upon the completion of tim work, Nehemiah set his brother to rule over Jerusalem and gave instructions as to the opening and closing of the gatesi of the city. May we learn from tills:! 1 That though God's children are', besought by enemies they should not! fear. i 2. When beset by enemies we should i pray (4:9). a. Th~ set a watch (4:9). b. Men were permlttted to be with their families (4:13) and would thus fight better. e. Half worked and half watched, all armed for battle. d. They worked with sword In one hand (4:17). /t e. They slept In their clothes, ready for attack (4:23). Genuine faith is always accompanied with precaution- ary means. you can--as large a Christmas gift as you can. Let all that can give them money since the home can buy thing much cheaper for them than we can. The home committee is asking us to send them $65 this year; Surely we wish to do our part. The sermon topic on Sunday Looldt! Heavenward Mystical more than magical, IS that communion of soul with soul, both iooklng heavenward; here, properly, soul first speaks with soul; for only in looking heavenward, take It In what' sense you may, not In looking earth- ward, does what we call union mutual love, society begin to be possible. I Count Your Blessings Reflect upon your present blessings ~f which every man has many; not on, ~our past misfortunes, of which al~', Satisfaction Guaranteed P0R Cut Flowers, Funeral De- !!Uns, Bride's Boquets, or any thing in Flowers. Call 178. Sanders Floral and Evergreen Company Athens, :-: Texas i iectrical Wiring electrical wiring, call me. l easonable rates on all work. C.E. IRBY P mes Herald Circulator Take a Good Long Look Around and see can find a substitute for the at anywhere near tbe same cost. Gulf States Telephone Co. II III I, DR. JOE B. 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