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December 10, 1981     The Malakoff News
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December 10, 1981

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The Malakoff News, Thursday, Dee. 10, 1981--9A Santa Claus came to Malakoff Cub Scout Pack 352 Sta//Photos Ann Rounsavall Lori Callaway Stacy Dunacusky CltAPPELL. AMA interfere with normal movement. have always been plagued The American Medical Association aching joints which may points out that arthritis is a popular gh and sore enough to name for several diseases that affect In is a concentrated source of nutrients found in milk. In about 10 pounds, or five of milk to produce one pound of m actually many different on how it is made or combinations of milk cottage cheese cur- skim milk, cheddar whole milk, cream cheese plus cream and Monterey either whole, lowfat or skim and texture of cheese are r to its millffat, which also vitamins A and in many dairy products. source of protein and cheese also contributes of phosphorus and to the diet. It also provides as vitamin B12 and In fact, cheese furnishes of the protein we eat, of the calcium and 4.2 per- of these nutrients constant, although tend to vary with the of cheese, type of milk, methods, season and even cheese, the curds from the whey, with divided between these two In the case of skim.milk 'example, about one-third of solids found in the milk L the cheese, the remainder in the water-soluble vitamins in tn the whey, making it an.in- by-product of Whey is used in beverages, flavorings, frozen foods and a ,host of other food products. When milk is made into cheese, the milk protein, casein, becomes concen- trated. Additionally, small amounts of the soluble proteins (lactoglobulins and lactalbumins) remain in the curd. That means cheese retains about four-ffftlm of the original protein found in the milk. An excellent example of this is a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese, which contains one-third of most people's needed daily protein. Yet this cheese contains only about one-twentieth of our required Calories for the day. The tantalizing variety of tastes and uses afforded by cheese and its high- quality protein, vitamins and minerals make it not only a versatile food but a valuable source of primary nutrition. Water problems may change park scene Texans may soon have to change their ideas of what a park should look like, or even the appearance of their lawns, suggests a park and recreation professor at Texas A&M University. "As the water tables continue to drop and cities, as well as rural areas, con- tinue to be concerned about increasing water demands, we're going to have to look at alternative methods of conser- vation," said Dr. Joanna Westphal. "One viable alternative might be for us to change our perceptions of what our lawns or parks should look like by using types of groundcover, trees and shurbs that can withstand reduced amounts of water and require less care." Dong Corbett of the Minnesota Twins pitched in 73 games in 1980, an American League record for a rookie. pening December 7th For your shopping pleasure formerly "The Canned Lamp Boutique" now open all year long with~ality and useful handcrafted gifts and decorative items Athens, Tax. ~;~ hours 10-6 Mon.- Sat., 10.8 Thursdays through Dec. 24 Children and Christmas The Tiger Marching Band / New Life rchers the joints and chronically disable a great many people. Some 13 million Americans seek relief from arthritis. Three million say arthritis restricts their everyday ac- tivities, and 700.000 of them are unable to work, keep house, attend school or engage in most recreational activities. Most common are rheumatoid ar- thritis and osteoarthritis. Although quite different, both result in painful, deformed joints. Less common are ar- thritis caused by gout and by infections. Rheumatoid arthritis affects joints throughout the body. Three times as many women suffer from it as men. Usually it appears between the ages of 20 and 35. Weakness, fever, loss of ap- petite and weight often are symptoms. One or more of the smaller joints becomes inflamed and swollen. The acute, painful inflammation migrates from one joint to another. Mental depression ]s common. An attack may develop gradually, or suddenly with dramatic seizure. Pain and inflammation may come and go for no apparant reason~ Treatment with drugs and physical therapy reduces the inflammation and pain, preserves mbvement and minimizes deformity. Osteoarthritls is aless dramatic illness affecting fewer joints, and is less likely to come and go. At first, rest relieves the soreness. Eventually the joint becomes permanently damaged and mobility is restricted. Everybody will develop .some ~steoarthritis if they live long enough. It begins in middle years, in the hands, in a hip, knee, shoulder or in the back. Overweight people who stand or walk a great deal, overburdening their knees and hips, are especially susceptible. ROYALL INSURANCE AGENCY HOME-COMMERCIAL-AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 489-0520 Representing: Employers Casualty, Employers National, Motor Insurance Corp. See... Sue Barnett Malakoff 510 W. Royall Blvd. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllnlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Just opened in Malakoff Come by and compare our prices Open from 7:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. 116 Railroad St. Malakoff IS IT REALLY HARD TO UNDERSTAND? Which of the following statements do you think you might have difficulty under- standing? He that belisveth and is baptized shall be promoted ta a batter job. He that baliseth and is baptized shall be liven a new automobile. He that belieseth and Is baptized shall be liven a mouths vacation. He that belinveth and is baptized shall receive a fm trip abroad. He that betieveth and is baptized shill be paid a thousand dollars. He that believath and is baptized shall be saved. The first five we can ell understand. We know they promise n certain reward to the persons who believe and are baptized. We knew that the reward cannot he claimed until both condilions4atth and baptism-have been met. JAMES !. STRINGER . Minister Ph. 489-1718 The last statement is a promise made by the Lord. It Is n promise of salvation to those who believe and are bap. tlzed. Does the Lord mean Ha will lave those who believe and are NOT baptized? Honestly now-are the laxd's commands and promises hard to understand? Come worship with us at the church of Christ In Malakoff, I IIIII I The Joe Stanfields Trinidad 4-H - Second Place Float Shriners always enjoy a parade The first mailboxes were erected in Paris in 1653. However, messengers, fearful for their livelihood, put mice in the boxes to destroy the mail; thus no further at- tempt to install mail boxes was made in Paris until 175s. Wben cooking or baking (but not whipping), you can substitute three quarters of a cup of milk and a third of a cup of butter for heavy cream. ill I i ISUll A It can cost you your license or your life. I i i ' :,!L ~ ii i Ill I IIII reminder from lhlll newspaper and the Troopers of the Texas Department of Public Safety