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December 17, 1931     The Malakoff News
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December 17, 1931

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS Letters To Santa Claus THIS WEEK IN HISTORY] :.'=SUCC.E.SS .UL I __ Monday, Dec. 14--Death of[ . /Y] ...... ...... i George Washington at Mountl Born to Mr. and Mrs. Swenney "Santa's AIg , Vernon, Vs., 1799. / Tuesday afternoon a fine 8 pound WAFFLE MOST VERSATILE adquarte .......... / girl. They have named her Mary OF FOOD DELICACIES W "'a,ler came our :nousli r e, flea:ill! zues(lay' uec' l )--lbal;l:'e 01:'/" n th nqther and2 !i babe " are ilii /) str'k'ng Crepes and__.m.._ 4]ight Wools_ll. Nashville, Tennessee began, I #ane tso Y When in doubt, have waffles. The special prices on It tlm ' 1864 I gemng amng nne. Ingredients are staples on hand in ev- ~_..~.,~a~~ ' " [ cry imusehoh]. The uses of the waf- oods as follows: -" "- -" .- . Wednesday, Dec 16-Cargo oft Mr and Mrs, J R Dennis and ,he .run. the course of breakfast, - - ~ " . ' , * lunch, Ine impromptu tea par|y, dln- ERWAGONS Ik{ ] Tea thrown mto Boston Har-[chlldrenleftth sweek for Ath-nerorsupper. There ts no tood more L95, Now ..... $3.50 bet, 1773. ens where they will make their adaptable, none more variable in its i " I future home i uses none quicker and easier of pro- Thursday, Dec. 17-John " " L duction than the waffle. VH EL Whittier, poet, born 1807. I = { The ~reakfast waffle is never wast- ; ............ { Mrs Icy Payne of Grove and{ ed. Capacity reached, the batter that : CO. STE I rlaay, nee, -rn rreenml.. ' ..... i ls left can bev'mt a~ ....... ,. u,~ ,"; , mrs. mma mccoy ann son, " [ . . _ ,- amendment to the Constnutmn] .......... { refrigerator, and used again at lunch lalakoff, l'exas Keyes KODlnSOn ann unarne -slaver.. abolished 1865 { { or at the hght ~upper in the evening, g S Dear Santa:- # ' ' [Payne of Tulsa, Oklahoma spentI and, still better, at the impromptu , I am a little girl 3 years old, Saturday, Dec. 19--First English[several days here the first of the{ ft rnokfa tea. _ ..... I want a Kiddy-Car and Doll, settlers left London for Vlr-[week with Mr and Mrs Jim Van ] butter andS sug :' rttesrer nd stWu but I don't want you to kiss me ginia, 1606. I dagriff. They returned to theirl with bacon or with sausage, depend- -^-eWuesda" exce tMrs Pa rel Ing on the likes and dislikes of the when come to see me Xmas y, v N O T I C E { "l emainherewith her I waffle-fed family. There are varieties many other Toys you night Bring my little brother ......... ] who Wl [ r [ In even the breakfast use of the use- something, too.--Your little girl, nareaomers eeung { daughter, Mrs Vandagriff for en { ful waffle. want at-- 'RUBY JEWEL LINDAMOOD- I extended visit I For mneh or the impromptu after- MING FROCKS--of . Bring Mama's baby a little dol', shTh:;:l e b; hme e;::::NO:titohne[ , { nna nde nt' )n, :sae OrteJe Yofbu tarr: ., . K[[ S Long sLeves, plain or puffed. Natural waist too. l "1 News has beenreceived from[ and for creamed chicken or sea food, lines. And other flattering styles, $14,75 to_ [ , a Bank, Malakoff, Texas at itslM_ ^-d Mrs Nelson Gilreath atI the waffle makes an ideal base at Athens, Texas [ " .': . . banking office in Malakoff, Texas{ :._.:_.. gn [ supper time. T! e useful waffle 1, MalagoII, l'exas , vmr v.v:, - [ O" m .... ,~,,.. T ........ o,~. mnoo { { adaptable to any circumstance or toFUR JACKETS.....styled in dashing collar and sleeve fash- , : Dear Santa' . ..u,, was born to them Tuesday {any taste ings, Simply gorgeous pelts-Caracul, Lap- "" between the hours of 10 A. M [_:_h. - have named the{ With self-rising flour the success of = ' I am a little bo , large enough and 4 P. M. for the purpose of i"g " x,.., ^.. ..+....{ the waffle batter is never left to in and others. Special ...................... qlrTmvv youngs[er, to ride a Tricycle, I want you Mo,,~;,,~, ,,m...... a ,q;.,~,:,,,..~ v~,.J ". " " I chance. There is no waste. Self-rls- ........ ~ ................ ~,.v.o .~., In tic r We also have a select line of New +~, k,,in~ rno ...... ,I .....rnn~-a ...... I hls two grand.fathers. I g u Is economical of both time .-v .... me e ou; ........... , .o cne l ..... : I and expense, as can readily be seen Mid-Winter Millinery. hmgs, t o, {f you have for all by the following reel e transaction of any other bust-] ........ a--tlett [ P : b::YrH : it nL ::::G::meIjr::[i ::aa: i:dalYt w ii ni:i :i:!1 t HARRISON'S . stairs" and I can t sleep m" tt e Cashier {ter' Mrs. Claude Hammfl. [ Beat yolks- sugar and fat. AddUr ' Athens, .:- Texas ceiling, so I willsleep with my [ __ . |milk. Then add liquid to flour and ; ..... a^.,+ ....r ..;. - - - ' -. - {SPECIAL Bargainsin Elgin and { fold m egg white, beaten stiff but not ,. u,,, Let's Ho"e ""h t ' ....... be real ood You come to see ........ Bend Watches at 25 to 33{ dry. Le! bake in hot waffle Iron, myBABY LINDAMOOD' sister, Ruby JewellMalakoff," Love-- Texas GUINN, uperner roayne Fine .... .rmg Walnut , Agent. xou A Cabinet. _ROY [ v:tta:= RSl -uver'Marsnal {I Radio In A {i g -3 percent Y discount, c ial Take . rices to ad- Ill rrom [~J~=' [ i -~m~- one-nmr I~ U bMAKIN( " '--" to one ?Y-~. ,~??2YY~ ] e, ,, - minute, and turn. [ ~ ~ ~~- -~Y- ~~ : ............... ...................... I am a little gfrl 6 years old. a Doll Buggy, set of Dishes, a{ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vandagriff, I my RUT, u'aV,S STOSm { wants Doll and Buggy and . I Mrs L.J. Scholl, Chas. Payne{ t amcoah and Tam, to match and were Fmday vm tors m Dallas STANDARD COOKIE RECIPE \x tk2.h some Fruit and Nuts. I wm t . { .... { "" ,' .--i ./have. named .the little .fellow makes for dependabnity . { Dear O)d San ta M alakff' Texas t {)ear San ta Clan alakff' Texas bR::;ratreAlgf:;dng B?th:3 :e ;?nd / :" { I am a little girl 7 years old. i, _ .... ~ { her produces, for they are always of I am a little boy 5 years old. {want you to brin , me a Doll with .... , ....... / the same excellent quality ...... I was a good little boy until Redllong rls, a DollBed Trunk and ars. ties: anoerson pare mat/ xt pays to one eook .... ' - - I , week for the News another year i recipe which can be varied from one {a pair of rubber Pants for mv / I aking time to the next This m-kM We wish to express to you, our old customers, our appre- es ' " " ' " '~ teas me all the t me. I have{Doll. I also need a red Rain Coat D .... ~A+ { for ease and quickness in baking. Such clarion of your loyalty. To our new customers, our ap- been walt n f r ou 1 r i g o y a nag time{and some Rubber Boots Please ............. r~:,. r~. "h"-- | a standard cookie recipe Is as fob : and now that the time is draw /. . . makes an mere vm, ,ows: preciation of your confidence. Wovou who are not our /aou't torget the Pencil Box that at WEIR'S | Standard Cookie Recipe With i Saeidis the common cause o[ ing near, I want to tell you what[i ordered--Your little girl, OCi- " - { cu fat Variatin u i customers, the hope that we may be of service to you. ,ion. It results in pain and sour- I want for Christmas. I would IDA r ur xv " I P c ps se f-rt n out two hours after eating. The ....... | ~" ~', I:, WNok'e and I cup ugar And we wish to all of you rot only a MERRY CHRIST- orrective is an alkali which will llge to nave everything in the [ _ ~v~. ~uu x,x~o, a:~.. ~* | I egg ~ cup milk ips~ acid.Milk correctiveit has catalogue, but that's too much-, ~[ Malakoff-- Texas children.... and Misses Clara.. Bruce || The ....... ~o~mwmg navormg~4 tsp. flavorinSmay be ! ,,, MAS, but a Happy arm Prosperous NEW YEAR. standard with physicians in So I'll try to be satisfied with a LD . . , terry ann rancls v.uwaros, o./ used: since its invention.Cow Boy Suit a Tool Chest, a I ear anta.- _ Athens were Malakoff visitors{ Grated Orange ~. Coconut ~|~'~" poonfulo, Phillips MilkofMag big red Wagon, a Fire Truck/_r:;: a;ltwtl:tY:a the fourth Sunday. "* e ::ta f mtraliZeame in acid.instantlYlt is harmlessmany timeSand " ". g a yo oring me ...... ,, .... Christma s Trees with ladders, a Bath Robe with " --': - - | House Shoes and all kinds of Ba lC::de'an Air un, a v'oo C RISTMAS CARDS-Good quail| ..... and its action is quick. You will method, once you Fruit, Candy and Nuts.--Your ers and :n tunas o[ Fire .Crack- ty Greeting Cards with two en-[ Mrs. J. D, Evans and Misses We now have on hand a choice selection of those desir- s me ucs, rmt and io e lmed y this method acts. little friend, BILLY SGI=IOLL , i ..... . . . velopes Inner enve p " {Dorothy and Grace Flagg were able Oregon Spruce Trees for Christmas. They're cheap- you--noW.~e "Milk of, nraY- our2it e Irlend, JAM. with beautiful colors. $1 50 per [Dallas visitors Saturday. er than they have ever been. Get yours today. Priced thet M 1-- ff Texas ' dozen with your name printed l sago , . . , . ' " " Cha: D ar 'anto lau. " See them on dmplay at the Newsi Fred Rike, Jr. of Arp was a ' and e . s'. M " " since I am a little girl 7 years ola. Dear Santa" ' , [ , a;to lT:;gby ,msget ;isDh:l Ple e bring men pair of Boots Mrs. D. Curtis, Mrs. RogerlGET your Fireworks at--WEIR'S a little 'Iable and Chairs. a tittle a Truck with a Race). on it Lop " "I Stove, a Rain Coat, and Tam and in .h; born were Dallaspiasters Fri- / Miss Mildred Shirey is visiting some Boots, and please bring Y. ]hermster, Mrs, .Grady Peurifoy _L some Nuts, Fruit and Candy,, Malakofl, Texas {in Wortham this week. ill. . also some Fire Works, don t for- D C. W, Pharo of Trinidad was { - ear Santa We are twoltttle t the eft on busmess aturda FOR SALE Four allen Milk get my li,tle twin sister and my .. :" "n "y " S yi: - g " g, rm one 4 years old and one 2 and e h r e hand Cow N O WOODS little twin brothers.--Yours, evening "1 e e h . i i __ . , y. try..Th lower your stof prod ctio years, we are pretty httle girls t ar f r a ear's ERNESTINE WOODS. " ed the edi or a doll o y [ and.make you more profits. ' and want you to 9orfie to see us, subscription tothe News. m ..... Texas we wants set of Dishes, two Dear Santa Claus::a{agr ' y;:ll?'kiFn d: Works, frlut and nuts A money order was received s, and Santa please go Fr I am a little girl 7 years old, last week from Mrs. ank John- I go to school and am in the see all the other little boys and son at Pampa, Texas for the re second grade. I want you to girls and dent forget mother newal of her News subscription. and dad:--Your little girls, MIL- to BOWELS bring me a pair of Boots, a Rain DRID RUTH and JOYCE EVE. Mr. and Mrs M P. Willis and , = mw the bowels move coat, and Gap and some Candy, LYN YATES. vet dayl It s easy, if Fruit and Nuts. I want some little son spent Sunday in Ath --if Santa is to bring your mp' rules of a famous Gloves, too, and a Doll with hair, = " ' ens the guests of her parents, iumblerful of water -- Your little girl, MARTHA Malakoff, Texas Mr. and Mrs. Thee Tt rner. child sTaten, Doll Buggy ~st, and several times GRACE HENDERSON. Dear Santa' Claus: I am a lit- , , or Tricycle, we can save tle boy 6 years olct I am a good Rev. Wallace Clark filled his ,, you some money. of outdoor exercise with- L . fatiguing yourself, little boy sometimes and will regular fourth-time engagement WAGONS-- bowel movement at Kemp, Texas try to be good all the time if you with the Baptist Church at Eus- .me.our o ory Dear Santa Claus:. 98c to $3.49 come to see me, I wont want taceSunday. owels need help at times, I am a little girl 12 years old, much. I want a Tricycle and to use is Dr. Caldwells' You'll get a thorough [ am going to tell you what I some Fire Crackers, and candy R. A, Wood renewed nis sub-TRICYCLES-- nd it won't teazle your want you to bring me. I want and fruit. I have three little scHption to theNews this week.98C tO nd watery. This family ption is just fresh laxa- a Fountain Pen and a Ring sisters, and one brother please' t c t 'tPepsin'andtherh hurt a ( Don't forget the little orphan remember them. I will go to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Flagg and DOLL BUGGIES e lazybo children and my Mother and bed early Christmas Eve night, daughter, Miss Grace and son, mouswastematter.feet ur syst Daddg--Your little girl, DO - by by santa, --Your little boy, Reagan and W. B. Payne were $i.95 to $2.i9 NIE BURNS. . '= .... Ma!akoff,' Texas A A R0N YATES. Dallas visitors Tuesday. BR 0 W N L E E'S Dear Santa Claus:- Other Letters to Santa ceci, Moore spent Thursd, VARIETY STORE We now have in stock the following Legal blanks and would be pleased to have call:us when in need of anything in this line, -Notes Wit Vendor's Lien, Single --Transfers of Vendor's Lien Notes --Release of Vendor's Lmn -Chattel Mortgages --Chattel and Crop Mortgages --Warranty Deeds --Promissory Notes, Etc.