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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
December 21, 1934     The Malakoff News
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December 21, 1934

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; THE MALAKOFF NEWS ..... is M+ I +.. woe oo. "+"+In ..... :: - - . m'. " Iwishingalimy readers a ,'yll .., . , N Iv" il) Imerr.vCt, ristma L ' II ,, ,, ,., ^ .,,, ,,-, .:,., I. I . .J , j '., I+! ooo+ ++II J u,t ,: e i >s I iLl I [J '( tl ]sent ofthe.MethO egreatfuI to our friends and patrons for their pa- i ........ * * " i n were entertamea with the r a - MAI.AIIOI 'Ir "leJ !iI I ,. . age and suvport during the past year, and take thin m IL ll ][[ ) nual mas partY. unity to extend to them an old time wish fara | , ,, , p-ing at the M ethoaist enu rcla witl~ it v IV tmm+. mt ,,+, I *tehurelawitl~tm ,oo~,r~o_....................... m .... ~. u~ 'Mesdames C C ~t++l~,I tJtll~l~hlZYlPk~ anti a tl~[-'yI D+IhW )P.5~1% i .., , t;l l '!1 II+ lw Pauikas o+ I" --_ ....... . i r I. rentol ,FL At I, t tt t >tt m tT ) II I o, +o+ II c. H. 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P+" 11 m We want your Christmas business and have mark-]ilIwere served buffet style to each I ..... ........... I I m EArl ' I, I I .. . . ,, " " S i[ie flew Ut'luge +pallnmg I1~ + ;+~ ed our goods below eha, n store compet,t,on. Ill Igue t fh .n "ffZ I BUTTER-KIST I m e , tare+ pars We have Toys that please FinePerfumesi Dress- litI---- " I II . "' ++ er Sets; Week-End Bags; Fountain Pen Sets; Fine I 11 g'ltg' A l" Iwi. be completed sometime in I I I ,: + 3 cans +q Candies; Xmas Cigars; in fact everything for ev- II I IFebruary it wasaonounced. The I re,d+ i, County ] I J[l I, I+yU .f-'a erybody. You must be pleased. I|lI tstructure is nowabout85 percentl # I "" ' I With the eompletion " i l ll 1/14t'l 14-lbs. i titl 7 lbs. t,rl Buy your drugs, from us and ill [ A nice box of Ki ture Co sicana andl m JPI Urn) for l UU for ,q.IlUP save the d fference I lsee ROY WEIR. " IPalesUne il'putforthe ortstoll _. 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Tryit! ~o little l~lllle t~ea ne IS ~ months over thepath of each passer by ,q n er t n t at I atronlzm u~ ~f - - zed I ........... I of Dallas were .. unday VlSlt-I s a d h n p g . I ._.,..,,,, o,,..._..,,,,.,__ + ! I om ne xs my slsters DttDy J. Will the hiding Of presents to , ,'+ " ' try tube a good little boy. Be keep others in the house from " "n s a are note tic in Johnson'. Rhnp Rhnn 1+' ---" ' ' ors in the city you are helping us to continue in i sure and not forget ali the little/knowiug the contents of the/ .......... lan- unknown ..artner as we have II! / " .............. III ...... mrB. x. urawiey ana aaugn- y v ......... m l PI81RKOII, l-ex88 children whose papas are not at[packages_ _ the giving to somel. ........... I .... i I I --O-L -" of '-ve to "ou / . . " ." . __ Iter, rs. uUtlley Jonnson antl Iii;- I .......... ~, i m I w rn, ~tn lu. Y , one leas Ior~unat~ than we are . TOMMIE CLARK ,'