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December 31, 1931     The Malakoff News
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December 31, 1931

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Just Call 84 and We'll Call CLEANING : S FINANCE STAI DS TEST WELL "conomic ol':cy Commission of Bankers Association Points C':t How 22,000 Banks Pro ect Public Interest 3VER 22,(900 b2nk~ all over the United States are "quietly and el- ~ciently serving their communities. lplng tide many business enterprises ~ver the'.'r difficulties, helping many ~oncen:s to earn money, helping cre- xte the economic activities that meav 0ayrolls and spending power in their zom, s of influence, and faithfully keep- ing guard over the working capital and savings funds of their depositors," the Economic Policy Commission of the American Bankers Association says iv a recent survey, adding: "It surely stands strikingly to the credit of the banking profession that, during a period ot unparalleled inter- national economic depression, this vast majority of bankers have so com. petently, so courageously and so suc. cessfully met their difficulties and o1> ligations. The effects of the drought, the demoralization of agriculture, the stagnation of industry, the break- down of trade, the inability of so many heretofore desirable customers to meet their obligations to the banks. the impairment ot public confidence by mob-scares and false rumors result- ing in unreasoning runs, the abnormal dep,-eciation of quoted security values even in the moat wisely conceived in vestment accounts, the utter collapse of real estate values--all these thing~ have occurred on a nationwide and worldwide scale with unprecedented severity. "The effects of every one of them have assailed the banks with destruc tlve forces because they are of the very essence of a bank's economic sub stance. Yet. as we have shown, the great bulk of our banking deposits has been protected without harm. and our banks in a vast majority have con tinued to serve, support and strength en their customers, and their commu. nlties with unflagging and uncon- quered devotion." WOULD ALTER OUR FINANCIAL HABITS By ROME C. STEPHENSON Former President American Bankers Association. THE most constructive action tha~ can be taken toward brlngln,' about greater stability in our busines life is the develop ment of a me:c balanced attitude in the minds c,f all of our peop!c in regard to the right relati~nshlp between savinff a n d spending, There Is m o r e practical, worka- ble economics in t t~ e sentence: Save during pros. R. C. STEPHENSON perity ~o as to be able to spend dur- ing depression: than in a whole library full of charts and tables and books on political economy. I do not believe it is an Imprac- ticable dream to bring about an era of-more Intelligent saving and spend Ing on the part of our people. It is not impossible to change the habits .f the population. It has been done in many lines. The habits of our people have been Improved and the health of the nation promoted In many ways by consistent programs of advertlsin? and education that have broughl about better hygienic understanding and practices. The medical profession has virtual. ly banished the scourge of some dis. eases by persistent, intelligent cam palgns of preventive sanitary meas urea and Inoculations, requiring ne~ understandings, new habits ampul many millions of our people. Also largo part of this evolution of public hea.lth improvement has naturally de veloped through the Intelligent adver. tislng of many products that have te do with bodll~ care. I refer to the manufacturers and distributers of such things as more healthful shoes, more effective toothbrushes, food products with more wholesome values of nutri- tion and countless other practical ideas that have become commonplaces of our dally business life,r-and tha~ hays become a part, too, of the very texture ot the personal habits and health of great masses of our people. If it has been good advertising and good business for so many of our na- tional producers to spend millions ~I dollars thus to Inculcate new habits of personal hygiene and personal care, is tt not good business and good adver- tising for our banking interests to lay similar stress during the next period of prosperity upon better financial habits and customs of our people? Bankers above all are interested in stable, wholesome business. They have much to gain by a state of sound financial health among the people, and most to lose by epidemics of economic maladies such as have swept the coun- during the past two years. The man who has in better times been favored with too much credit rather than not enough is finding it is hard to pay his interest now with low prices for hll producrJs or labor, Gossip Reaches New High on the "Curb" WALTER Winchell, world's most famous gossip, talks "things" o v e r with a taxicab driver. Winchell says he has often found the gossip shopping very good on the "curb" market. A photographer discovered him. as pictured above, on a side street in New ~ork the other night, Walter had probably seen some celebrity emerge fronl the taxi. sc(~nte(l a story, and gOllC tO the driver to find out "what was up." The incident is typical of one of the ways the celebrated m,wspa,per and radio reporter gets startlin~ items for his "gossip of today which be- comps -the news of tomorrow"-- go,~sip which stands the world's hair on end. Whether it's Pa~rk Avenue or the sidewalk. Hollywood, Broad- way, or points between, every place yields a story sooner or later to Winchell. to be passed along to the public through h i s newspaper column and his a,ppcarances on the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, three times a week. Taxi drivers get around a lot. and though they lmve a saying that they "'never see" what goes on be- hind them in the cab. they can't help hearing it son'letimes. They seen] willing to confide in Walter, however, who has develo~d a "way" with taxi cab drivers just as ]he has with debutztntes, politicians, slid every ollc else. Otticer, Which Way's Broadway? m I. THE bewildered citizen for whom] trail of w good story, or a dozen the New York policeman is [ stories. He won't keep them a pointing the w~y is not from i secret either, because all his know- "Yapp's Crossing', or Gopher Hole. ]ledge of what is going to happen, I-Ie is the man who made Broad-lOt has happerted, from Broadway way Broadway---Walter Winchell, Ito Hollywood, of men wad affairs newspaper end radio gossip. ]~Lnd Of human weaknesses and eft- It's hard to believe that Walterj tues, appears in his newspaper Is really lost, but he must travel column and is poured into the microphone three times a week a~ ,Jo fast to gather his "Gossip of Lo- a feature of the Lucky Strike daY" that becomes the news of to- morrow" that he ofteh moves in ] Dance Hour. circles, instead of (Times)Squares.I His revelations frequently have Maintaining a reputation as "the other newspaper men scratching their heads.. "How did he find one-man newspaper" is no easy l out? .... Why didn't we know about ;Sob. I it?" Walter doesn't tell HOW he However. wherever the cop may/ gets his stories. 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